Ivanovo Industrial Paper Goods Factory sells various products made of paper and cardboard: cardboard sleeves, spools, bobbins, tubes, paper tubes and sleeves. Both types of tubes are always available for packaging.
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153000 Russia
Ivanovo, Ivanovo region
12 Podgornaya Str.

Sales department: :
Tel. / fax.
007 (4932) 41-77-52
007 (4932) 32-82-64

Purchase department:
Tel. 007 (4932) 32-60-84

Spiral winding cylinders

Since 2000 the factory began upgrading the equipment for producing spiral winding cylinders are used for winding fabric, fiber, yarn, knitted fabric, nonwoven fabric, carton, paper, chemical fiber, fur fabric, imitation leather, oilcloth, wire, foil, scotch tape, food and other films, technical strips, roofing materials, floor coatings, rugs, linoleum and other roll materials.

The modern equipment permits to produce cylinders of different colors and to apply a logo trademark on the inner or outer side of the production. All the equipment is supplied with the multicut system that guarantees the perfect cut at any length and thickness of the cylinders. In 2007 the finishing machine was put into operation for curling, brushing, grooving and notching. These procedures significantly extended the area of application of this production in chemical and textile industries.

These cylinders are intended for textiles winding, fibers, yarns, knitted fabrics, tapes, nonwovens, cardboard, paper, chemical fiber, fiberglass, faux fur and leather, oilcloth, mesh, foil, tape, food and other films, technical tapes, roofing materials, floor coatings, carpets, linoleum and other roll materials. They are made of high-tech English and French equipment.

We offer the cylinders with the following characteristics:

  • the inner diameter is from 9 mm to 406 mm
  • the length is from 5 mm to
  • the thickness of the wall is from 0,8 mm to 25 mm
  • with felling
  • slotted
  • with fluting
  • with internal or top finishing layer or without it
  • the top layer is smooth or embossed
  • with internal or top finishing layer with a seal, logo or foil

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